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GSTN has issued a Process Concept Document for Single Authority Refund Disbursement

Processing of Refunds at the level of GST System and PFMS:- 1. The taxpayer files refund application on the portal in form RFD-01. 2. On the filing of RFD-01 application, the common portal shall process the data and generate the Taxpayers’ (Assessee) Master file. This file contains the details of the taxpayers’ bank account. 3. The Assessee Master is then shared with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) of Controller General of Accounts (CGA), Ministry of Finance for validation of bank account details. 4. PFMS maintains its own Taxpayers’ (Assessee) Master with Unique Assessee Code (Combination of GSTIN + Bank Account Number) in their Taxpayer (Assessee), Master. 5. PFMS validates the bank account details of the taxpayer claiming refund i.e. whether the bank account is an existing account. 6. Disbursement of the amount claimed in each refund application shall happen in respective bank account subject to successful validation by PFMS. 7. GST System will not allow the change in a bank account in